Wensleydale Concert Series

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tanyaTanya Anisimova - Itinerary:

I am really pleased that Tanya is visiting the UK for the first time.

As well as the concert in our series I have organised a number of other events and concerts for her.

This is Tanya's full itinerary:

Weekend of 12th/13th May:

Saturday (am) : Masterclass in Carperby Village Intitute. 10am-1pm.
There are opportunities for 4 cellists to take part in a masterclass with Tanya (note no piano available - so solo repertoire or standard repertoire working on just the cello part).

If you are interested in taking part please contact me ASAP.

Saturday 7.30pm : Solo recital at St Andrew's Church, Aysgarth
Full details here

Sunday : Cello Workshop in Caperby Village Institute. Lunch included. 10am-5pm (times TBC)
A workshop focussing on ensemble playing and improvisation (aimed at approx grade 5/6+)

The ensmble music will be provided in advance so that the day can focus on the music and not sight reading.

Tanya is not only a brilliant cellist and composer she is passionate about improvisation and will use strategies to develop improvistion skills. (futher information from Tanya about this below).

Participation cast will be £65. If you are interested please conact me ASAP.

If you participate in both the masterclass and workshop a ticket to the recital will be included. If you would like to come for the whole weekend the Yorkshire Dales has many hotels, inns, guest houses and campsites. If you need help please use the contact form.

Weekend of 19th/20th May:

Saturday 7.30pm : Solo recital at Ushaw College Chapel, Durham.

The programme is the same as the concert on 12th May in Wensleydale. See www.ushaw.org for tickets.

Sunday : Schumann Cello Concerto study day with Cobweb Orchestra at Eldon Community Centre 2pm-6pm

Cobweb Orchestra is an open access orchestra - if you play an orchestral instrument and would like to participate please register and come along. Full details here.

Saturday 26th May: Concert at St James, Picadilly, London
with Daniel Grimwood (piano) at 7.30pm

Tanya is making her London debut in a concert including her own work FaReLa plus Mendelssohn's D major sonata and Rachmaninov's Sonata.

Full details and tickets are here.

If you have any questions please contact me

Carol Haynes

Why learning musical improvisation is good for you!

Our life is a constant improvisation. Every day we are faced with the necessity to make choices and follow up on them. Recent studies show that the ability to adapt quickly to unexpected changes is more developed in those who practise improvisation, such as jazz musicians. Regular classical musicians first think of the notes and fingering while improvisers are concerned with the “what” aspect of their playing.

There are four qualities which are important for developing leadership skills: collaboration, flexibility, imagination, and innovation.

It so happens that these are also the key elements in the improvisational process.

I have given lectures/demonstrations on the Art of Improvisation at Moscow Conservatory, Moscow Central Music School, Icelandic Academy of the Arts, U.N.A.M. University in Mexico, and in the United States at Hart School of Music, Virginia Commonwealth University, Loyola University in New Orleans, Wintergreen Academy in Virginia, among others.

Here is the plan I usually like to follow:

1. Will need a few (the number is not important) players ready to play their instruments.
2. Begin with a simple basso ostinato example. Follow up with a more complex rhythmical structure.
3. Mimicking a given melodic line, adding a variation to a melodic line, creating a dialogue of melodic lines
4. Proceed with the “melodic build-up” improvisation
5. Introduce a simple key modulation. Follow up with an improvisation on a simple harmonic progression
6. Introduce additional elements:, such as a sense of a musical conflict, pause/rest, basic special effects
7. Depending on the time availability, will introduce and implement different styles of improvising

Tanya Anisimova

Past concerts in 2018

Saturday 21st April Yasmin Rowe - Piano Recital
Programme includes works by JS Bach,  Bartók, Beethoven and Schumann.

St Andrew's Church
Aysgarth, 7.30pm
Saturday 12th May   Tanya Anisimova - Solo cello recital
Including works by JS Bach, Marais, Kodaly and Anisimova.
There are a number of events organised with Tanya Ansimova please see her full intinerary here.

St Andrew's Church
Aysgarth, 7.30pm
Saturday 16th June Treitler Quartet with Nico de Villiers
A chamber music concert including string quartets by
Haydn and Valborg Aulin and Dvorak's piano quintet.

St Andrew's Church
Aysgarth, 7.30pm
Thursday 12th July Peter Cigleris & Martin Cousin
A recital for clarinet and piano including works
by Saint-Saens, Winding, Bliss, Arnold,
Leonard Bernstein and Carlo Della Giacoia

St Andrew's Church
Aysgarth, 7.30pm
Saturday 11th August Martyn Jackson & Sam Armstrong
A recital for violin and piano of works by
Mozart, Suk and Schumann

St Andrew's Church
Aysgarth, 7.30pm
Saturday 29th September Daniel Grimwood, Fenella Humphreys with
Michael Cave and Carol Haynes
A chamber music concert including Hummel's
arrangement of Mozart's Piano Concerto in D minor
for piano, flute, violin and cello

St Andrew's Church
Aysgarth, 7.30pm
Sunday 14th October
(changed date)

New World String Trio
An afternoon of strings with works by Haydn,
Naumann, Sibelius and Beethoven
(Plus tea and cakes)

Carperby Village Hall, 3pm
Sunday 4th November

Eboracum Baroque
An afternoon of baroque instrumental and vocal
music using period instruments.
(Plus tea and cakes)

Carperby Village Hall, 3pm